Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Gettin Started!

This blog is mostly for all my writing updates and what I'm thinking about during the chapters I wrote. Due to the fact I'm computer retarted (O.0) I barely know how to upload photos so I just upload the photes here so you can get a better idea of each and every character! Yeah and it's for me (and you) to be yourself and talk about anything I can careless on the subject as long as theres atleast one topic on food :D I'm just that weird..

Well Promises to keep you updates on my stories on Wattpad!

No wattpad??! Well go to and sign up and look for YumiRose and BOOM! you have all my stories! and you get to comment and vote and fan for my stories and others! Yup Yup! It's easy.

Take care and have an awesome Friday!!!
                                             --- Love Rosealine (Doey)